About the blog:
My aim is to provide some of my thoughts on religion and spirituality from my own Christian perspective, particularly as an Episcopalian/Anglican. I cannot, however, promise exacting, precise directions to life. As the title “Sacred Wandering” indicates, I don’t always follow the most direct route. Whenever I have to navigate, I remind people of my primary rule: “I will get you there . . . eventually.”

About me:
In a nutshell, I’m a Christian within the Episcopal/Anglican family who grew up United Methodist in the South but with strong theological leanings to the more Catholic side of the spectrum but with a deep appreciation of my Protestant heritage. At the same time, I love learning about other religions, science, philosophy, history, and politics and draw on all of those areas. I’m also way over-educated in theology, especially focusing on liturgy, but decided not to continue in academia. If you’re confused about where I stand, you’re still not as confused as I am.
In a nutshell:  Often on the border but never borderline.


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