Decision Time

Sorry for the wait. I’ve had about 18,576 things on my mind lately. (That particular number, btw, comes from my high school band director.) I had the initial interview for JVC NW and a follow-up a week later. So several of the thoughts have involved that. Could I actually live in community after living by myself for so long? With a bunch of (mostly) 20-somethings? Could I really get by living so simply? What if I were to get in a placement and hate it? What if I were to get a really great job offer between now and then? And all of that is happening at once. (Yeah, for the record, never come to me for certainties or simplicities.)

Another thing to consider would be my true motivation for applying. Do I really want to be doing the JVC program, or was it simply an opportunity to move to the Northwest (where I want to be) without being in the difficult situation of finding a job and a place to live at the same time after moving to a new area. Plus, there’s the little (okay, not so little) extra of the cross-country trip I’ve wanted to take for some time. (I’ll post more about that sometime later.)

Ultimately, after a lot of thought and wrestling and prayer, I came to the decision not to do JVC. That means I will most likely be staying in DC for another year. (I know, I know, it’s a disappointment to all of you.) A lot of times when I change my mind about something, I go through a lot of wondering whether or not I made the right decision. This time, there’s a lot of peace. I’m all right with not doing it. And that’s something to pay attention to.

So what are the next steps? Well, let me get through Holy Week, and I’ll let you know.


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